Personalized Fortune Cookies
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Personalized Fortune Cookies

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Unique fundraiser: spreading good fortune

Non Profit Fundraiser ideasIf you are looking to make this year's fundraiser truly different and more productive than past fundraisers, invest your time and money in our custom-made fortune cookies. They are a delight to eat and everyone loves opening fortune cookies. People take their fortunes seriously, and if you put messages inside of these cookies that inspire others to act, you'd be amazed at how quickly they help. Another great thing about these fortune cookies would be that people wouldn't know that they were customized. This would add to the surprise that they felt when they opened them up. As a result, everyone would have a mutual understanding of what they were there to support and how they could help out. This will help your event be a unique fundraiser that everyone would want to partake in and give money to. For the unique fundraiser or any type of occasion you are planning for, think about using Chinese fortune cookies.

Best non profit fundraiser ideas

Unique FundraiserMany great ideas are spontaneous and will impress and surprise others. Our individualized fortune cookies are guaranteed to astonish everyone who opens them, because most people don't know about custom fortune cookies. If you are trying to figure out non profit fundraiser ideas, look no further than these awesome cookies. They allow you to display any type of message you could imagine that could convince others to give money and help to a particular organization. Non profit fundraiser ideas aren't always easy to come by but the fortune cookie idea is a fool proof plan that you can rely on to help others understand why they're there. Please check out our great variety of flavors, and find something you like today.

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Personalized Fortune Cookies