Personalized Fortune Cookies
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Personalized Fortune Cookies

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Encourage charity: non profit fundraiser

Unique School And Church FundraisersIf you are trying to raise money for a cause that you and many other people feel very strongly about, motivate others to give by handing out customized fortune cookies. These are very appropriate, because you can fill them with your very own words geared towards inspiring others to act. It's not always easy to convince people that they should give money to a cause during a non profit fundraiser; however, by giving everyone custom fortune cookies that fill their heads with inspiring words, you can ensure a more successful fundraiser. This year, give everyone that extra push that they need to really give more. Quote something especially beautiful or quote one of our worlds truly great minds, and notice how reading these words will spark people to be more compassionate and involved in the non profit fundraiser.

Unique school and church fundraisers

Non Profit FundraiserFor any church or school fundraiser, you are going to have a large turnout. A church is a community and people love to come together to help support a common cause. If you frequently take part in or run unique school and church fundraisers, help people understand the importance of giving more for this event by buying custom fortune cookies. These individualized cookies will be filled with inspiring words that you come up with and have created to call others to action. Unique school and church fundraisers could easily be greatly improved if they used fortune cookies to convey important messages after meals were eaten. Think about using our extremely inexpensive fortune cookies to instill a sense of pride and feeling of gratitude in people's hearts that will encourage them to give more than they normally would.

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Personalized Fortune Cookies