Personalized Fortune Cookies
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Personalized Fortune Cookies

Same business and same location for more than thirty years. A family tradition of providing the finest quality products and services.

Gourmet fortune cookies are delectable

Nothing says respectability like gourmet fortune cookies. Fortune cookies have been around for years and years as the perfect little dessert and piece of advice. Our company has been in the fortune cookie making business for over 30 years, and we work hard to improve our business with each passing day. Fortune cookies act as nice little reminders or words of advice geared towards helping you become more optimistic and respectful in your life. Everybody can take words of wisdom once in a while and our gourmet fortune cookies provide you with those words. Who would have thought that a small cookie consisting of just flower, sugar, eggs, and butter could produce such positive emotion around a dinner table?

Personalized fortune cookies - multiple uses

Gourmet Fortune CookiesThe beauty of our fortune cookies is that you can get them customized. This means that at any time you can surprise a friend or loved one with a personalized message meant for only them in the form of a fortune cookie. You can get very creative when thinking about how to use personalized fortune cookies. Imagine that you're in a fight with your boyfriend or girlfriend. You take him or her out to get a nice Chinese dinner and while they're not looking, you slip your fortune cookie in place of the one they were originally given. They open it up unexpectedly and are surprised to see the message: "Your boyfriend loves you and is very sorry" thoughtfully written inside. This kind of message would melt anyone's heart and you can provide these types of experiences with your significant other anytime you'd like when you purchase personalized fortune cookies.

Best fortunes for fortune cookies

After being in the business for so long, you start to recognize what good and bad fortunes are. We pride ourselves in our fortunes for fortune cookies and know that you'll respect and love all of the ones we put inside of your cookies. If you're planning on customizing your cookies, even better, you get to create the words that will be etched on to that white piece of paper hidden inside. Otherwise, our fortunes for fortune cookies provide you with extremely unique and thought-provoking options.

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Personalized Fortune Cookies